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Reiki Classes & Certification   


Class Descriptions & Registration



Learning Reiki is wonderful, whether you wish to simply understand it more, practice with friends and family or perhaps are interested in becoming a practitioner. We offer three levels of classes and training as described below. Please view our class schedule to find a date and location that works for you.



Reiki Class Descriptions



This is a beginners class open to anyone interested in learning the practice and principles of Reiki. You will learn the history of Reiki, the hand positions and techniques to heal yourself, others, plants and animals. During the group practice you will receive 4 healing sessions by self treatment and the exchange of energy with other students in a chair and table treatment. This is a 12 hour class and has been approved for 12 educational contact hours for nurses. Fee $250.



During this next level of Reiki training, you will learn the techniques for increased power, emotional balance, addiction and emotional release, distant healing and how to perform an accelerated self treatment. A review of hand positions and table treatment with second degree techniques will be included. This is a 12 hour class divided into 2 or 3 day options. A three month waiting period is recommended between first and second degree training. Fee $250.



The Reiki III Master class completely opens you to the Reiki energies. The student will begin another 21 day cleansing cycle of the 7 main chakras (energy centers). At this time, techniques from newly identified "Japanese Reiki " practices will be included. These techniques include Reiki breathing and energy charging. The Reiki Master symbols taught in this class will aid the student's energy flow in reaching a higher vibrational level. The highest attunement is provided at this time as well as techniques for self-attunements. A one hour healing session is included for the student. The student will learn additional techniques for private practice and assist with a client's healing session. This is an 8 hour class. In addition, the master level student will receive monitoring, guidance and at least 2 practice sessions throughout the year following the Reiki III class. Fee $350.00



Class Guidelines

Our classes are fun and provide our students with a wealth of knowledge to assist with all levels of healing. Please alert us to any allergies or special needs you may have.


- Pre-registration is required for all classes. Please RSVP to Maxine at 508.292.5258 or maxine@reikibythesea.com

- Payment for the class via cash or check is requested prior to the beginning of class in order to hold your space.

- A class manual is provided and a certificate is awarded upon completion.

- Please come to class in comfortable clothes, ready to have a fantastic time.

- Healthy snacks and beverages are provided. Lunch is on your own or with other practitioners.

- We offer plenty of opportunity to practice and participate as our classes are individualized.

- Please provide 24 hours notice if you need to cancel, per office policy



Proper notice will be given in case of cancellations or changes. 



Helpful Information About Reiki


*Reiki is a Japanese word that translates to Universal Life Force Energy.  It is the energy of life.

*Reiki is loving energy and is all around us. One cannot get too much Reiki and it has no side effects.

*Reiki healing is easy to do and can even be taught to children.

*Reiki brings about relaxation and self-healing.

*Reiki is a form of energy healing and is transmitted by gentle touch from the practitioner to the fully clothed recipient.

*Reiki can even be sent to any person, place or situation as long as it is sent for the highest and best good.

*Reiki is used by many to relieve pain and bring peace and healing to one’s mind, body and spirit.


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